Okay. Any ideas on how long she should remain on the meds? I 
understood that with an FELV+ cat, you should stay on meds for quite a 
while longer than - cats.

After i had mono, the lymph nodes in my neck stayed enlarged for a 
long  time
and I can still feel one of them, 16 years later. So it might be that 
are still enlarged from a prior infection.

I think I would get her checked, though.

In a message dated 4/13/05 4:59:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

Deirdre  was sneezing and coughing, infrequently for a few days and 
neck was  quite swollen. The 2 glands under her jaw were swollen. 
been on  amoxicillin 50mg twice a day since I noticed this on April 
and she's  always taken Lysine (500 mg.

Presently her neck is back to normal size  and she's no longer 
or sneezing, but there's still some swelling  under her jaw. It feels
like 2 tiny peas, one on each side. She's only  recently become tame,
so I hate to stress her by taking her in, but I'm  not sure what's
going on and we have no base-line blood work for  her.

Any ideas?

Kathy and Deirdre

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