Try clavamox that worked for my guy with swollen glands


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Date sent:              Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:58:56 -0400
Subject:                Deirdre has swollen glands under her jaw
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> Deirdre was sneezing and coughing, infrequently for a few days and her
> neck was quite swollen. The 2 glands under her jaw were swollen. She's
> been on amoxicillin 50mg twice a day since I noticed this on April 2nd
> and she's always taken Lysine (500 mg.
> Presently her neck is back to normal size and she's no longer coughing
> or sneezing, but there's still some swelling under her jaw. It feels
> like 2 tiny peas, one on each side. She's only recently become tame,
> so I hate to stress her by taking her in, but I'm not sure what's
> going on and we have no base-line blood work for her.
> Any ideas?
> Kathy and Deirdre

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