Yes...My little feral FeLV+ kitten died on March 30th...The same day as Steves kitty...
Her name was "Baby Kitten"....I did post on here and I think 2 people replyed...
She didn't make the CLS though....Maybe I didn't come on here and cry about it
enough...But I..Like Steve still think of her and miss her and I guess if I have to read
about Poor Steve every week maybe my kitty could at least be put on the CLS list...
Baby Kitty was about 5 months old when she was trapped and tested pos...She was
partialy crippled when I got her and very small...She hated being in the cage so much
that I let her out to run in the room with my other pos cats who are all very tame...
She did eat well but not much of the wet food with the suppliments and until she got
sick I wasn't able to catch her...About 2 weeks before she died I suringe feed her
and put her on antibiotics...She bounced back and I thought I had saved her...And
along with that I had tamed her into a real snuggle bug...I didn't have her that long
but I had let myself think that she was going to be around for a while...
I lost 3 cats 12 - 14 years old last year but I think loosing the young kitty that never
made it to her 1st birthday hurts just as much...
I have lost 3 other FeLV+ cats but I also have 8 alive and well that I saved from being
PTS the day I brought them home...I guess thats why I keep going....

Steve Williams wrote:
Hi all,

It's been awhile.  I have not been able to read the list.  The email subject
lines alone have been too upsetting to me.  I am beginning to think I will
never recover from the loss of Loki and Leeloo.

I wanted to send you a link to a kind of comic book story my niece Alisha
wrote for her anthropology class.  It features her cats Mitas, Kaiya, and
Dotty (these are also my sister Lynda's and niece Shawna's cats... the first
bunch they rescued).  they lost Leeloo and Loki's siblings, Milo and Abby to
FeLV... All listed on Belinda's CLS list).

Alisha is a bit of an artist. Click "Next" to view each page.


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