I agree...I would like to know the story behind the 200 dead animals...
That makes no sense to me...But if she took in a lot of sick FeLV+...
That is still a huge number to have outside and she has to be sick to
let that happen..As I say there is a story behind that and I think we need
to know it before we can pass judgment...

Cherie A Gabbert wrote:
How about 200 decaying kids in the back yard, would you say help that person out also?

Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Mia
  She has a problem no doubt..to keep 200 decaying bodies outside where its bound to attract the neighbors...I have 27 un adaptable and I worry about the old litter that I bury in my back yard...
But she has apparently saved many cats over the years and I think it would be much more to the rescue effort to help her out and save the good name of the  people that have worked with her...
If it turns out that she was putting aside for her own enjoyment a lot of donations than thetas a different story but if she has just lost touch with reality which can easily be done in this rescue fight than I say give her a break and some help...

Mia Nicer wrote:
Thank you Tad. I don't agree with what she let happen. It's a horrible situation but maybe we should have some sympathy for those that were not involved and most hurt because of this. We just have to make sure this doesn't happen with anyone else.

Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am going to agree with Mia...If you believe in "Its the thought that
counts" I believe the woman wanted to save the cats...However "You can't
save them all"...Some people have a hard time understanding this....And
most people don't have any idea how many cats are PTS every day becouse
there is no body to care for them...
The woman does need some help...guidance of one sort or another...
Instead of spending the thousands of dollars that it would cost to put
her in jail maybe we could use her knowledge to run a large no kill
shelter with some funding to pay for disposal and food etc and sentance
her to stay there an put in a days work..If it should turn out that she
enjoys that work than so be it but doesn't that make more sense than
just locking her up....


Cherie A Gabbert wrote:

> That is no excuse...I am appauld that anyone would stand up for this
> individual, she deserves the same treatment she has giving her
> supposed "furry friends", If she treats her friends this way I would
> hate to be her enemy. I am utterly speechless that anyone would stand
> up for her and her organization, I say the volunteers should open a
> shelter themselves and Kess should go to jail. KittyKind Ha that is a
> laugh, like the roach motel they check in and never check out...I am
> sick over this I would like to meet her in a dark alley.
> Sorry...usually I am more gentle that this...I am just so shocked and
> disgusted.
> Cherie
> Mia Nicer wrote:
> Hi everyone!! My name is Mia and I am a fellow rescuer in the New
> York, New Jersey and Conn. area. I am not making an excuse for
> Marlene from Kitty Kind nor am I happy with the situation in which
> she has put the Kitty Kind organization but, I do know about and I
> am very familiar with this rescue group since it is in my area. I
> am not apart of this organization but please listen to what I have
> to say about it:
> This situation is extremely horrible and very unfortunate but in
> the end it will be this rescue group and the kitties that suffer.
> Please do not make it any harder for these cats to get adopted.
> This group has lots of volunteers and fosters who put in all their
> free time to help some of these and their own cats and have
> nothing to do with this situation nor did they know anything about
> it. I believe that the overflow is what led Marlene to this
> situation, again I am not making an excuse for anyone but please
> do not punish the many volunteers, fosters and kitties for this.
> There are so many kitties in need of a home and by making it
> harder for them to get their cats adopted out doesn't help anyone.
> DNA - Marlene Kess & Kitty Kind Rescue, East Orange, NJ.
> Hundreds of dead cats found in yard.
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: DO NOT USE-KittyKind -CAT RESCUE-in Orange, NJ
> Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 12:19:35 -0400
> Hundreds of dead cats found in woman's yard
> E. Orange resident operates rescue agency
> Friday, May 20, 2005
> Star-Ledger Staff
> Over two decades, Marlene Kess built a reputation in Manhattan
> as a
> caregiver of last resort for homeless and dying cats. If her
> rescue and
> adoption agency, KittyKind, couldn't place a sick animal, she
> took it home
> herself, overseeing its recuperation or caring for it until
> its death.
> Yesterday, authorities discovered what Kess' philosophy looked
> like in
> practice. Summoned to the woman's East Orange home by a
> neighbor complaining
> about a stench, city health inspectors found 48 cats inside
> the house -- 38
> of them in one room -- and more than 200 dead cats stuffed
> into garbage bags
> in the back yard.
> The sight of so many decomposing corpses -- and the fetid odor
> they
> produced -- sickened animal-welfare officers and others who
> responded to the
> two-story home on State Street.
> "Oh my God, it was awful," said Michael Fowler of the
> Associated Humane
> Societies, the state's largest shelter group. "The smell was
> horrible."
> Kess -- the 56-year-old founder and executive director of
> KittyKind, which
> operates one of New York City's few no-kill shelters -- moved
> to East Orange
> from Manhattan in July. Dozens of cats, apparently, moved with
> her. More
> arrived while she was there.
> "She claims that she takes in sick cats -- cats with feline
> leukemia -- and
> that she is a known rescuer who people will bring their cats
> to when they're
> dying," said Sgt. Joseph Bierman of the New Jersey Society for the
> Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
> When those cats did die, they went into large, heavy-duty
> garbage bags. Then
> they went into the yard, which backs to a parking lot used by
> the East
> Orange Board of Education and the East Orange Community
> Charter School.
> Bierman said he counted 21 garbage bags, each containing 10 or
> more
> vermin-infested carcasses. In some cases, he said, the cats
> had become so
> decomposed a precise number of bodies could not be determined.
> Kess had been
> placing dead cats in the yard since she moved in, Bierman said.
> "I haven't seen anything quite like this," Bierman said.
> "Certainly it's an
> unusual incident."
> Kess, seen arguing with animal-welfare officials outside the
> home, declined
> to comment.
> She was cited for several East Orange health code violations,
> among them
> keeping an unlawful number of animals, harboring dead animals
> and creating a
> potential environmental hazard by keeping the corpses on her
> property, city
> sanitary inspector Frank Habegger said last night.
> In addition, the SPCA charged her with 38 counts of failing to
> properly
> shelter cats. The counts stem from the cats being locked
> together in a front
> room. Some of the cats were healthy, while others were ill.
> Under state
> regulations, anyone keeping large numbers of animals must
> separate the sick
> from the healthy.
> Ten other healthy cats were roaming free in the house.
> Both investigations were continuing. This morning, public
> works crews were
> expected to remove the carcasses from the back yard, and
> necropsies were to
> be performed on some of the animals to determine a cause of
> death, said
> Darryl Jeffries, a city spokesman.
> Kess was allowed to keep the 48 living cats in her home
> because she said she
> would separate the sick and healthy animals, Bierman said.
> SPCA officers
> were planning to return to the home to ensure she does, he said.
> She apparently planned to bury the corpse-laden garbage bags
> in a large hole
> that had been recently dug in the back yard, Bierman said.
> "It was almost like a grave," he said, describing it as about
> 5 feet deep
> and 7 feet wide. Kess told investigators she planned to plant
> a tree in the
> spot but hadn't yet gotten around to buying one, Bierman said.
> A handyman
> employed by Kess told investigators he dug the hole for a
> pool, the
> investigator said.
> Kess is well-known in cat rescue circles in Manhattan, where
> KittyKind
> operates a shelter within a Petco at Union Square. A longtime
> resident of
> Greenwich Village, she has been quoted frequently in small
> community
> newspapers about her efforts -- and struggles -- to care for
> cats that
> nobody else wants.
> "Animal overpopulation is a big problem," she told one
> community newspaper,
> the New York Resident, in 2002. "People are very irresponsible."
> Despite the difficulty placing cats, she has criticized New
> York City's high
> euthanasia rate, and she has championed the idea of seeing
> cats through even
> terminal illnesses.
> Not all animal-welfare advocates agree with that philosophy.
> "There are some things worse than death for animals,
> especially when they
> are sick and people are trying to needlessly extend their
> lives because they
> want to save every animal," said Roseanne Trezza, executive
> director of the
> Associated Humane Societies. "They refuse to recognize that we
> simply can't
> save them all, no matter how much we all care for these
> creatures, and no
> matter how much it hurts to euthanize them."
> Terrie Mohr
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