1. Where are you located? You should definitely try a different vet.  I suggest that you try a board-certified internist. They are usually located at large veterinary hospitals and vet school clinics.  Do you have any of those near you? If so, call and ask if they have an internal medicine department with an internist on staff. They tend to be better and more knowledgeable, though, like with anything, they vary too.
2. I have used Immuno-regulin for bad upper respiratory infections and pneumonia and it seems to work. The dosage is .25 to .5 ml once or twice a week, by IV injection.  You can order it yourself and bring it to the vet to give to him. You can order it from Revival Animal Health, online. It sometimes produces fever, chills, and diarrhea for a few hours afterwards, but sometimes has no side effects at all. I have seen both, with my two cats I have tried it on.
3. You can also try feline interferon, which your vet has to get permission from the FDA to order. The info is in our archives. It is different from interferon alpha, available in the states.  Three of us have tried it and have not been as impressed with it as we had hoped, but it is hard to say exactly what effect it has had because there are so many variables and we do not know what would have happened without it.
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I have just returned from the vet.  Sebastian's hind legs are weaker and he has lost more weight.  The vet just doesn't seem to want to work with me and do absolutley everything for my baby.  When I asked her about the weakness in his hind legs she said that it could just be the disesase attacking his nervous system.  She also stated, "I don't want to give up on him because he is FELV+."  Givving up on Sebastian is the last thing that I am doing!  I was not happy with that remark.  I want her to do everything and anything to try and help him.  I suggested drugs like Immunoreglin and Acemannan and she had never used them and said she wasn't sure if you could even use them on cats.  She just doesn't seem as if she knows what she is doing.  So, my question is Does anyone have any experience using Immunoreglin on their cats?  and DOes anyone have a vet who is up to date on alot of Feline Leukemia treatments and is dedicated to doing what it takes to help?  I will go anywhere.  I just need help finding a really good vet.

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