Does everyone give injections of Interferon themselves?  Sebastian takes Interferon orally, on one week then off one week.  What is the difference between Interferon Alpha or Omega?  Should he be taking injections?  Also his weakness in his hind legs are really bothering me.  I suggested to the vet to do complete bloodwork, but then he seemed to being alot better so I decided not to put him through that because he hates the vet.  Sebastian was getting injections of Depo Medrol for about two years.  We have recently stopped them because I was afraid that the long term steroid use was causing the leg problems.  before when he wasn't feeling well I would go and get him another steroid shot.  He isn't feeling well now, so should I start the steroid injections again?  I do not know what to do. 

P.S. He was getting the Depo injections because he has problems with his gums and teeth.

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