Hi Jenn
  Yes..I am in VT too..Mt.Holly..About 15 miles SE of Rutland on Rt 103...
My garage is connected to the house via a screened in breeze way and I keep the 7 FeLV+ cats in the room that connects to the breeze way so its not a big problem to use the garage during warm weather....That should at least give us some time to sort them out as to their future...I don't want to commit to keeping them all forever if there is a lot of them...I am really pushing the limits now with my 27...The cats don't have a problem but its a full time job....I think I mentioned I am retired....
Anyway that leaves me free at any time to respond to this..but with the animals here I don't stay away overnight or over 20 hours...I would be willing to travel as far as Newburg NY which is at the northern tip of NJ...I84 and I87...Someone coming from Tenn. might want to come across I80....
Thats going to be the big problem I suspect....I wonder if any of your connections down that way can work on that???
OK...keep in touch

Sorry, guys, I worked a long 10 hour day yesterday, and didn't get online, I'm back on it today! :)
That's great Tad, and this has always been my concern, the rescue of the FELV+ cats from this "rescue". I will pass your letter on to Kara and Holly (those are the two local rescue ladies who have direct contact with the AW case). Peaceful Kingdom is the rescue in TN that is working to save as many of the AW cats as possible (but they don't say their intended fate for the pos kitties). I THINK that Kara and Holly work for them, but I am not sure of that, I will ask how they are connected, and I believe I have already invited at least one of them to the group, but I will ask them again.
Your very generous offer to use your garage will be well received, and they very well may need to take you up on the offer. I'm here in VT too, Tad, and if you need any help, I am more than happy to come lend a hand. (I'm in Hardwick, not sure I remember your location, though I recall you're also in VT, right?).
I have not gone through my email from yesterday yet, I'm sure I have an update from Holly or Kara in there somewhere, I'll send it to the list when I find it (I get individual emails for about 20 lists, so I have a LOT to go through yet, I read yours first)
  I just want to say that now I am very much behind this letter...This is the concern...A pos test is a quick death sentence and even for the negatives that are running free with the pos....
Have you any idea what kind of numbers we are talking about ??  Is Peaceful Kingdom a local rescue group in Tenn.??  And Kara and Holly ???  Is there anyway we could get them to join us ???
I have a Yahoo group already in place that we started a year ago for a place to handle a similar problem of transportation and temp foster etc. and anyone is welcome to join it if its felt that this is getting too much for this list....  Come to
to join...
Also I have a garage that could house a large number of positives for the summer and I would be willing to pick them up at Newburg NY..(intersection of I87 and I80)...Still a very long way from Tenn. though....

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