Hi Michelle, I understand, if I see my kittiy breath in an unusual way, it always makes me nervous. I did have 2 develop mediastinal lymphoms, and it started out with faster breathing and regurgitating food.


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I hope you're over reacting. I haven't dealt with tumors so I don't know, but my best to you and Lucy.


I am feeling stressed about Lucy, and do not know if it is reasonable or I am just paranoid. A few times over the past week, including tonight when I got home from being gone for 2 days, it has seemed to me like her breathing is faster than normal. She is purring all the time when I look carefully at her, so it is purring breaths, but it seems twice as fast as the other cats. I tried to count her breaths but can not see or feel them, only can hear the purrs through her nose. She is otherwise eating, playing, purring, etc. normally. I of course always fear lymphoma because I have lost mine to that. Some of you have had cats with lung tumors. Was this a first symptom, or was there wheezing and visible breathing?

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