One of my 1st FeLV cats was also flea infested, bald and anemic...
She was dosed with Advantage and made a full recovery...
PS..I will be away for the rest of today (Friday) but will be here the rest of the weekend
and I still will foster the FeLV+'s for the summer..

If needed, I can take at least one FeLV+ cat.  I live in Michigan, so we would have to setup a transport.  Let me know if you need my help.
God Bless,
Chris Behnke
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"We seized 50-60 cats from Angel Wings yesterday.  Briefly, we found 10 dead cats in varying stages of decay.  Got 35 or so cats vetted.  3 were FeLV+ and 6 were FIV.  We want to get pictures of these guys up quick.  Please call me if you need to.  We do not really have space and resources, fosters etc.  If we find an owner, that would be great."
"It was worse than I thought, guess worse than anyone thought.  I alternated between crying and puking. 
Three FeLV cats so far.  All the cats look like crap, including these.  Think there were 4, but one was in horrible shape and was euthanized.  I am sure they photographed it though.  I was still onsite catching cats and dogs.  The fleas were amazing.  I will have to flea bomb my car now.  I know I have fleas crawling all over me now.  Eek!
Oh then there were the dogs, many feral, lots of mange, lots of fleas.  Some looked OK, can't figure why someone cares for some, and not the others.  This is such a crazy situation.  Guess crazy people are like that.
These poor guys look so bad, thin, little hair because of fleas, etc, not sure anyone will recognize them.  Pitiful." 
So far, FOUR FELV+ cats were recovered, one was so sick that they humanely euthanised him. Three are in decent shape and need to be rescued. There are still almost 30 cats that have not yet been vetted, so the numbers may rise. Now, we need to figure out how to get them from Tennessee to Tad in Vermont. I'm working on it. Pictures of all cats should be available soon, so we can attempt to find pervious owners. That is the first step, return as many cats as possible to their original owners if they will take them back. We still have NO HOME for the FIV+ cats. The FIV+ cats are in immediate danger of being euthanised if no foster homes come forward. Kara said she could cope with 2 or 3, but she's already overwhelmed with the numbers so far.
Of the three cats removed, from what I recall her telling me over the phone:
One is white and has very nasty damaged curled up and crusty ears with open sores and scabs (possibly cancer, they are considering euthanasia)
One is black and white
One is a dilute gray tortoise shell calico
All three cats are missing hair and extremely thin and in poor shape, so matching them to photos is very difficult. I have advised them NOT to euthanise ANY of them unless they are in obvious pain and are suffering, and have advised blood transfusions for any severe anemia, though cost (and donors) is a factor. All have severe flea infestations, and I have also advised them NOT to use revolution on the sick and weak cats (which means almost every cat removed).
I will keep updating as more info comes through.
I collect KMR kitten formula labels for Bazil, a 3 yr old special needs cat who must live on a liquid diet for the rest of his life.
Bazil's caretaker collects labels and sends them to KMR, where they add up until she earns a free can of formula!
PLEASE save your KMR kitten formula labels for Bazil!
If you use KMR, even just one can, please ask me for the mailing address you can send them to, to help feed Bazil!

FELV and FIV cats removed from Angel Wings yesterday
Fri, 01 Jul 2005 11:51:45 -0500

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