I think it was Mary that said to talk to them and ask them if they want to live...
I think a cats natural instinct is to stop eating when its time to go...
Thus this would be a good test too...If they eat and drink well thats a good sign...
A/D or A/D with a little tomato juice (same as liver shake) is a good way to ask !!!!

Tad Burnett wrote:
I suppose the bottom line...Do any of these cats have sponsers that would want to help with expenses should be a consideration and on the other hand its probably just as easy to transport 4 or 6 as it is to transport only 1....

Tad Burnett wrote:
Hi Jenn
  Just got home from a big family get to gether supper...
And reading your message...
Sounds like I would be making a number of trips to my vet...Handeling open woonds isn't my favorit thing to do but my vet is very reasonable ....Are these woonds from scratching themselves becouse of the fleas???
  One question I would ask...Are these cats people friendly and easy to handel???
And we are talking about a 1500 mile transport which will be a big stress for an FeLV+...
Are they strong enough to survive that??
If they are reasonably tame I will deal with the medical problems so long as there are no hard feelings if at my vets advice I have them PTS...Neather my vet nor I call for that easily....
Getting the transport will be the big job...
In the mean time will the vet down there get rid of the flras and ear mites...They can kill a healthy cat...Antibiotics and sub-q liquid and a couple good meales shouldn't be a big deal..See what they look like then...If they are strong enough to show improvement I would say save them...
  Whats everybody else think...Can we do it ???

This is the list of cats that the vets are holding JUST FOR ME, and would overwise already be DEAD. I need opinions people, do these sound treatable, and should we try to get them transported? Tad? Do you have the time to nurse open sores and that type of severe injury? I'm recommending saving the dilute calico, sounds like she just needs rehydrated and fed. I'm also demanding they save the black DSH, because I may know his owner, so he will be held til I can get picture tomorrow. I'm up in the air about the buff guy with open pressure sores, and all that mess, he sounds like he is suffering, should I give the OK to euthanise him guys?
I have no say over the FIV cats, as I don't have fosters for them, so if they sound like they could be one you are seeking, let me know ASAP, before they euthanise them!
I have the records for the 3 FeLV cats:  I will just list what is abnormal.  Please let me know what you think.  I can get pictures and send them to you if you need them tomorrow.
Dilute calico DMH, ~4 years
Eyes - sunken, 3rd eyelid up
Ear mites
Fleas 4+
Mouth - peridontal/missing teeth
Notes:  very thin, dehydrated, Recommend euthanasia
Buff DSH, ~4 years
Eyes - conjunctivitis
Ears - mites
Skin - dermatitis, hair loss, self trauma
Abdomen - hernia over incision
Mouth - missing teeth, periodontal, gingivitis
Legs/feet - pressure sores
Notes: ear flaps ulcerated necrotic, conjuct, nasal discharge, missing teeth, periodontal, gingivitis, pressure sores on hocks, fleas
Needs Euthanized
Black DSH, >6 years
Ears - mites
Skin/coat - fleas ++, severe (??) dermatitis
Abdominal - thin
Mouth - moderate tarter
Notes: none
Then I have two bad FIVs:
White with gray DSH, 5 years
Eyes - sunken
Ears - mites
Skin - fleas, thin hair
Mouth - see below
Notes - mouth ulcer tongue, severe tarter, periodontal, gingivitis, URI
Body condition, 1.5
Vet recommends euthanasia
Buff DSH, 4 years
Eyes - sunken
Ears - mites
Skin - fleas, self trauma to skin, wounds on right rear leg, pressure sores, possible mange
Mouth - severe gingivitis, periodontal disease, acne
Notes - recommends euthanasia
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