Hi Mary
  I cross posted that transport message before I read Jenn's link to the pictures ... Looks like we have 8 FeLV+'s....And from the pictures they don't look any worse than several of the stray pos's that I have here when I got them and are doing fine now...
Also looks like they have gotten some cleaning up care where they are...I was a bit paranoid about that....
  I volunteered to clear space for them in my garage for them for the summer and that should hold 8 OK...But we definitely need our own transport if we are getting 8 of them...
  I will leave it up to Jenn to call the shots...Just make suggestions now and then...

TenHouseCats wrote:
hey, tad--

while getting the cats moved any which way is a priority, when you're
transporting sick/easily stressed critters, a "normal" transport is
probably NOT the best idea--the more stops, the more moving from
vehicle to vehicle, the more humans handling them, etc. the harder the
trip's gonna be on them.... that's why we stopped taking cats into the
sanctuary from too far away unless their own humans were bringing them
and would be with them the whole trip..... again, if the choice is a
multi-leg transport or none at all, well..... then there's the issue
of whether the FeLVs are okay with dogs....

if this were last year, i'd drive down and get all the FeLVs myself
and bring 'em up to ny..... didn't have a score of foster kittens

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