Hi Mari
   Yes..The torti is a very special kitty...She not only is one of my FeLV+ kitties but she was very feral when she arrived here...I have had lots of strays the love a person that takes them in right away but she was my 1st feral...
But I guess one big difference with ferals they need to be able to join a colony readily for their survivle...I had to hide on the couch under a blanket to watch her but I have never seen a new kitty just go around the room and rub and chirp to all my other cats in the room...It took a couple months before I could even look at her with out her taking cover...After 6 months that is the 1st good picture of her that she has let us take....We can sneak a couple pats while she has her head in the food bowl but then she backs off and give us an angry stare like why do you try and do that look....
But beside that she is one of the most fun cats that I have had..just to watch her and watch her play with my 2 other playful boys..all about 2 years old...

Mari Kolbe wrote:
even worse four torties (your baby is beautiful) that have even worse tudes that Siamese or tabbies ever thought of having.  And when you have a single kitten bottle baby tortie........  need I say more?
Thanks for sharing your pictures.  Now I am going to go look at your rescues and the other photos in the group.

On 7/12/05, Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
OK..Took a bunch of brand new pictures and put them on Aforeverhome Group...
/mari (SpiritCat)
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