I have not written anything for a while.  I have been very overwhelmed with Sebastian's problems and I keep trying things that do not seem to work.  I recently took Sebastian to Virginia Tech's Veterinary hospital (because of everyone's recommedations).  I am so upset that he is getting sicker.  I feel that I am overlooking his problems because I do not want to face them.  I love him so much and I can not stand to see him this way.  I took him to the veterinary hospital because he has almost lost all control of his hind legs.  They are becoming so weak and he has used the bathroom on himself a few times because it is hard for him to get in and out of the litter box.  The vets are worried that his problems are nuerological, so I set up another appointment with the nuerology department. He also twitches and has like muscle spasms or something when he is sleeping.  It is like his body can not rest.  The vets told me that they would like to do a spinal tap and a special X-ray where they shoot dye into his spine. All of this has to be done under Anaestheia.  There are alot of risks with these tests.  Putting a FELV+ kitty under involvees alot of risks and they said that if something goes wrong with the spinal tap he could be paralyzed.  I do not know what to do.  What what you do?  I need help making this decision. 

Currently, Sebastian is taking methylcobalamin and AHCC-vitamins.  I also started him on Interferon.  It is just the Interferon that the vet gave me.  Should I get some other type of Interferon?  WHat is everyone else using?  Should I give him more supplements and vitamins everyday?  I will do anything for him.  I just do not know what all I should/can do right now.  I need alot of help.

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