But are they helping to save lives or are they protecting the breed from probably inbreed cats...
Nobody will tell me anything even though I am one of the closest and from what I can tell I was one of the 1st to try to respond to Dr. Bruce...I don't know if I am reading it right but it sounds like we are getting ready for a mass euthanasia on Wed...Origionaly I thought how lucky these pure breads were with all the big help that jumped in compared to Angel Wings but now I am wondering if the 2 local Tenn. rescue girls aren't going to have much better numbers for saving lives....
My 6 AW FeLV+ cats are all doing great and they got a 1000 mile transport....
And contrary to the Dr.'s 1st post...The local HS didn't turn him down...They have never been contacted...Why an I hearing that from the head of my local shelter ???

TenHouseCats wrote:
hey, nina, both aby and bengal rescue are involved...... 

On 8/7/05, Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Jenn,
I'm sorry I haven't a clue about PK deficiency in cats.  I'd never heard
of it before your post.  Hopefully none of these guys will have the
problem.  It's just overwhelming isn't it?  Thank you for always being
in the thick of these deplorable situations.  I don't know much about
Bengals, but I've never met an Abyssinian I didn't like.  Are there any
breed specific rescues that might be able to help?   Humans simply
baffle me sometimes, and it's always the animals that end up suffering.
Once again, thank you for your efforts in bringing these guys to
safety.  I'm so glad there are people like you out there on the front
lines.  Where do you get your courage and stamina?

Speaking of your efforts...  We haven't heard anything about Bones
lately.  How is she doing?

Jenn wrote:

Anybody know anything about, or ever dealt with erythrocyte pyruvate
kinase (PK) deficiency in a cat? It's recessive gene breed issue in
Somali and Abyssinian cats. Is there a yahoo group that deals with it?

I'm about to get some Abyssinian rescues in, and just wanted do a bit
of research on it before-hand, just in case. Supposedly, the "cure"
for it is surgical removal of the Spleen, from what I have been
reading so far. Anybody ever had that done?

On the same note, is anyone interested in adopting a Abyssinian or
Bengal (or cross between the two) cat in the Vermont/ New Hampshire/
Eastern NY areas (or willing to drive to the northeastern USA area to
pick one up)? We are seeking adoptive homes for 150 hoarder situation
cats. If enough homes are not found, cats WILL be euthanised. They
need homes by WEDNESDAY. Rescues are welcome to take GROUPS of cats.
If you can help, please contact: Donna at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (with the subject: "VT Aby/Bengal -
ADOPT" ) as soon as possible to make arrangements and be screened. You
can tell her Jenn from the UCAT rescue told you about the situation.
This is a quite overwhelming situation, we need your help! PLEASE only
respond if you can be in the northeastern USA area this week, these
cats will NOT be shipped. These cats are rumored to have ringworm, but
otherwise are supposed to be in fairly good health. Some will be
purebred registered cats, but we can not guarantee that you will get
their papers with them (these are RESCUE cats, and MUST be
spayed/neutered, not to be used for breeding). The vet that is
rescuing them will spay/neuter, update rabies, and put Frontline
on any that can be done, before releasing them to adopters or
rescuers. Pregnant queens will NOT be aborted, so it is possible that
we will need homes for queens expecting kittens (kittens may or may
not be registerable, at this point, I do not know if papers will be
released). If you can take on special needs cats (the preggo queens,
or sick cats, or PK cats, or anything out of the norm) be sure to
mention that in your email to Donna.

Adopt a FIV+ cat:
I collect KMR kitten formula labels for Bazil, a 3 yr old special
needs cat who must live on a liquid diet for the rest of his life.
Bazil's caretaker collects labels and sends them to KMR, where they
add up until she earns a free can of formula!
PLEASE save your KMR kitten formula labels for Bazil!

If you use KMR, even just one can, please ask me for the mailing
address you can send them to, to help feed Bazil!


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