Dear Kerry,
How wonderful that you have a new family member!  He's a lucky little fellow to be going to your home!
I would try scent-swapping for a few days; give him a blanket and the other kitties a blanket and then trade them after a day and let them become accustomed to each other's smell.  It's so hard to decide how to integrate.  I generally do set up a cage at least for a couple of days; I think it helps the new kitty feel secure (I drape the cage with a blanket and raise it a little bit each day and give them a box to cuddle in) and everybody gets used to sounds and smells and then interest takes over!  Sometimes a first reaction will get stuck in their wee heads and a even a good-natured cat can get off on the wrong foot, er, paw!  After a few days I would open the cage door and start a play session; hopefully they'll all get involved and associate face-to-face contact with something pleasureable.  Might want to have the sliced chicken breast ready, too!
As far as mixing them, I think I would.  It sounds like Momcat is either naturally immune or (and I know this is miserable to contemplate) a latent carrier. 
I wish you all the best with your new little fellow!
Love, Julie  

"MacKenzie, Kerry N." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Dear friends, I need some advice!
One of the NJ FeLV cats will be coming soon--possibly this Wed--to join my 2 remaining feral kitties (Mickie who's got FeLV, and Momcat who has tested neg twice).
Mickey and Momcat live in my 2nd bedroom.
I have 2 Qs--
1.    d'you think I need to introduce the new little guy slowly--I'd have to keep him in my bedroom while I'm at work, which could mean he'll be on his own for long stretches. :>(     (It's such a long time since I've had to introduce anyone---my brood all came as an existing colony.)  Little new guy, by the way, is supposed to be people-friendly. I'm hoping it will help bring my two round.
Cherie, who does rescue---she's the angel that took all the NJ cats-- said she didn't think I needed to keep little new guy separate (like in a crate, the other option I mentioned to her). But everything I read in the past says I should introduce them s-l-o-w-l-y.
2.    D'you think I should remove the negative cat, Momcat, from the room because otherwise she could contract FeLV from the new cat if it were a different strain of FeLV. (I'm very hazy on this stuff but I think I recall Sally in San Jose talking about different strains.) Momcat's never been vaccinated for FeLV.  She's still scared, and I really don't want to upset her further at this point. I dream of integrating her woth my bunch one day. It will be awful trying to catch her--much worse than the kittens and they were difficult enough.
All opinions much appreciated!! Thanks in advance----Kerry

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