Hi Gary
  Angel Wings was a sanctuary where people sent animals that they could no longer keep for one reason or another...FeLV and FIV and others... And then they were pretty much abandoned....
About 100 animals....The rescue people there did a tremendous job ay finding homes for them...
There may still be a few left in foster care...

gary wrote:
I wasn't on the list when this was originally posted but it seems to me that these cats were not very well cared for.  What is/was "Angel Wings" and why would any of these cats be ones belonging to people who would want them back?


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Is this in Tennessee?  Just wondering about location -


At 10:48 AM 7/2/2005, you wrote:
The "white" cat in danger of being put down due today to nasty ears, sores, and etc, has now been discovered to be a very light BUFF cat, NOT white, as first suspected. She is FEMALE.
I have to go to work, if she is anyone's cat, and you want to save her, email Kara at <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>[EMAIL PROTECTED]
(please do NOT bombard Kara with emails that I could answer, as she is already very overwhelmed! ONLY email her if one of these cats may be yours! I can't do anything from work though, and don't want anyone's cat to die just because I am not at home to relay messages!)

I will have pictures TODAY when I get home from work, 10PM eastern time. Stay up late if interested!

I will answer all other emails tonight if time allows, including your questions Tad. Yes, I THINK I can get sponsors!


Dilute calico DMH, ~4 years -  female
Eyes - sunken, 3rd eyelid up
Ear mites
Fleas 4+
Mouth - peridontal/missing teeth
Notes:  very thin, dehydrated, Recommend euthanasia

Buff DSH, ~4 years -  female
Eyes - conjunctivitis
Ears - mites
Skin - dermatitis, hair loss, self trauma
Abdomen - hernia over incision
Mouth - missing teeth, periodontal, gingivitis
Legs/feet - pressure sores
Notes: ear flaps ulcerated necrotic, conjuct, nasal discharge, missing teeth, periodontal, gingivitis, pressure sores on hocks, fleas
Needs Euthanized

Black DSH, >6 years - Female
Ears - mites
Skin/coat - fleas ++, severe (??) dermatitis
Abdominal - thin
Mouth - moderate tarter
Notes: none

Then I have two bad FIVs:

White with gray DSH, 5 years -   male - this has been there for at least 5 years - Nicky
Eyes - sunken
Ears - mites
Skin - fleas, thin hair
Mouth - see below
Notes - mouth ulcer tongue, severe tarter, periodontal, gingivitis, URI
Body condition, 1.5
Vet recommends euthanasia

Buff DSH, 4 years -  male
Eyes - sunken
Ears - mites
Skin - fleas, self trauma to skin, wounds on right rear leg, pressure sores, possible mange
Mouth - severe gingivitis, periodontal disease, acne
Notes - recommends euthanasia

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