Happy ending...These cats have all found homes...
I had offered to help with a transport to a rescue group in Mass. that would take some if they couldn't find homes in NY...I just heard that they don't need the transport....

catatonya wrote:
The person with the cats is in new york.  She posted on a Georgia
rescue list I'm on, and apologized that she was posting from so far

I forwarded it to the group knowing that our felv group has members all
over and might know of someone who could help her in the New York area.


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Wow, I didn't know that - sorry I just had to say I don't think
correct as to location.  Think we're all over the place, not just 
Georgia.  Thanks for the post...

At 06:24 PM 10/12/2005, you wrote:

I realize this group is mostly based in GA and surrounding areas,



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