Hello, Kerry::
I really appreciate your response to my letter.  I can already agree with you:  Most supportive/generous/kind-hearted/informed... To the Nth degree!
And thank you for your 'blessing'.  I took it to heart.  You know, I don't think I'm 'special' for taking in strays.  Rather, I'm always astonished (but not surprised, anymore) that EVERYone DOESN'T.  And to fully acquaint you with how convoluted MY thinking is, I always find OTHER 'animal people' to be unique, and am always grateful that they're out there.  How's THAT for confusion?  <smile>
You are obviously one of 'us'; and, true to form, I am amazed and gratified to find another!  (at least I'm CONSISTENTLY confused!)
I appreciate your thoughtfulness in urging me to try to stop the 'blame game.'  You're right, of course, but logic just ain't quite cuttin' it about now.  Nevertheless, your advice encouraged me.
Yes, I switched vets, but I'm not that enamored of the new one.  The sad facts are that I live in the boonies, and the vets around here are geared toward large-animal medicine.  And geography can also be blamed for the dearth of choices.  I am looking into vets in 'the big city' (about 11/2-2 hrs away) and also at the OSU vets (about 3 hrs away).  It would be hard NOT to find a better-informed vet, and I'd like to think I could find one that would also be more caring/concerned/sympathetic...
I hear you, re:  "...took...a while...to realize...naive belief...etc."  Being a nurse, I of ALL people should know how UNinfallible medical personnel are, just like the rest of the human race.  But I just...didn't.  What reasoning!!
RE:  "...there may be no point in vaccinating."  I understood your point about sufficiently strong immune systems, but wouldn't an inoculation boost such a system?  Or, failing that, would it do any harm?  And isn't there a possibility that even in my younger cats, some immune systems aren't all that they could/should be? 
I was amazed about your '6th'.  And definitely took your meaning about the poinlessness, a/w/a/ the heartlessness in separation.  And I can also completely understand your paranoia re:  negative cats.
Your excerpt from the book (which I intend to find) was also most enlightening, and lightening.
Again, I am most grateful!  It really helped!
Take care,

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