She was so strong and well just yesterday morning that part of me
wanted to believe that she would bounce back but when I found her
this morning on the floor and she did a terrible cry when I picked her
up I knew that something was terrible wrong with her...

The blood test showed kidney function had stopped and the vet
said that she had so little blood in her vains that he suspected
internal bleeding probably in the liver...

When I brought her to the vet this morning she could barely hold
her head up for a short time and after being at the vets all day and
having sub Q liquid all day which is probably what kept her alive
she was even weeker...The vet felt she was probably in pain and
didn't think anything would bring her back so we sent her on ahead
to the Rainbow Bridge....

Callie was a feisty little calico...She was reported at AW to be hard
to medicate and when she arrived here we learned that she would
only let you touch her for a few seconds and then you better let her go...
We learned where the limits were and soon she began to trust us and
Marie did better with some of the other AW cats than I but Callie
definitely chose me....Now that I think of it she was never close to
any of the other cats but she was always with me whenever I was around...
She new when I was putting on clothes to go outside and meow and meow
and she would be waiting at the door for me when I came back in...
A few time that she did sneak out with me she let me catch her and if
I would tell her NO as I when out she would sit there and wait....

Right now she would be sleeping on top of the monitor while I am
on the computer....She was such a good friend to me and she had
so much personality...She had some hard times during her life but
she was happy and loved here at the end...I only wish she could
have stayed longer....I can't believe she is gone so soon....
I will miss her for a long time...

That leaves 4 of the original 6 from AW....OJ has never been a
totally healthy kitty...He has had to stay on antibiotics for several
bacterial types of infections and he has never played and raced around
the way some of the others do but he has always been a big purr and
snuggle bun....And antibiotics is easy to keep them going...Both OJ and
Fred who is my first FeLV+ kitty who gums seem to get infected when
I take him off antibiotics...He only has a few teeth left now...I have had
Fred well over 2 years...I have had several worries over Fred and OJ
and they are both special buddies so I can't complain ... They are
still here....I guess this is just the way it was meant to be....

Tad and Marie

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