Yes...I went through the same thing with my vet...Didn't want to
sedate because of his age...But his father had the same thing
years earlier and ended up with cancer in the jaw and had to
be PTS....I didn't want to go through that again and said I would
risk it to get the bad tooth out....
As it turned out he used a very light sedation..only knocked him
out for a couple minutes...It only takes a second to pull a tooth if
you are all set up to do it....
In 3 days he was eating like a pig and now 2 years later he is well
and happy and no more antibiotics needed....
I don't know why vets are so afraid to take the risk and go for it...
Maybe they just want you to understand that there is a valid risk
but in many cases in the long run the risk of doing nothing may be

Hideyo Yamamoto wrote:

Hi, I am thinking of taking him to my vet to have them pull his tooth tomorrow morning -- again, he is an older boy, and has a kidney problem (or had), and heart murmur.. the vet thinks he has FIP due to high level of globulin (very high..) – which by the way I don’t think he has..

Anyway,, I am afraid that he is losing weight because of the pain in his tooth, and am thinking of taking a chance to anesthesia him so that they can pull his tooth.

You guys, I need all your prayers for my baby, Hannibal so that the surgery will go well, and he will recover well… he is one of my very feral boy,, though he is not a lap cat, I so love him and care for him dearly and I need your help sending him a good energy!!!!


Thank you in advance.




Hideyo and Hannibal

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