I have a large room with currently 10 FeLV+ cats... I am at a good
limit, everyone gets along well, but in a pinch I could add one more
if you think she would adjust to living with 10 others...
 One problem I am afraid of...I have an attached breezeway and on
nice days I open the door so they can go out there but after a few hours
everyone has come back inside and I can close the door for the night...
If she would follow they rest there would be no problem but there is
a lot of stuff in boxes stored out there and plenty of places to hide...

 The other problem is I am in Vermont about 2 hours drive from Albany NY
which is on I90...Is there a chance that you are driving to an east coast airport??

 If it gets down to doing something drastic keep me in mind...


Kevin Blaisdell wrote:

I never did get a return call from the MN sanctuary. So after Christmas I will be following up with them
again and will also try this one.  In the meantime we
had her at the vet Fri.  Vet said she seem to be in
great health and the paw hair loss is probably just
her licking as a nervous thing or allergy, etc.  Not
something to worry about.  The vet gave her some more
preventative medicine (something for preventing upper
respiratory infections, rabies update, etc) and drew
blood to send out for an IFA test.  We are supposed to
get the results of the IFA test in 7-10d.  Thanks for
all the help.  I will keep you updated.  Hopefully I
can get something arranged quickly.  I just recently
talked to my management for my new job and told them I
can't leave on the 1st as originally planned.  It
isn't a good situation but I bought time till the 6th
or 7th for departure.  I hope it works and and think I
should adopt a dog to keep her company when I get

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