WOW   That's about the closest yet..time wise...
I made contact with Pam and she will be holding him for me in the morning...
Albany is under 2 hours drive from here so there will be no transportation
problem eather...Sure glad I caught the post for him...I must have missed
it before...
  I never heard anything from Kevin in Chicago so I hope that means he found
a place closer...I am about 1000 miles from there...


MacKenzie, Kerry N. wrote:
Tad, you're a treasure. 

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Hi Pam
   We talked about Ricky, the old Siamese a couple weeks ago...
Happily I heard you found a good home for him...

I also have a large room for FeLV+ cats and I would be glad
to give Federico a home...
Let me know if he is still available....


After searching for a placement for two weeks, we are out of options
for our dear Federico.  He will be euthanized Friday morning if we
have not found something for him by then.

Federico is a WONDERFUL, affectionate, darling cat who loves to
cuddle.  He's approx. 2-3 years old and is a handsome tuxedo.  He is
the perfect cat...other than having the misfortune of testing positive
for feline leukemia.

Federico recently recovered well from an upper respiratory infection,
so while we can't know for sure, it does not appear that he is in an
advanced stage of the disease at this point.

This is truly Federico's last stand.  If you can help, please email me
NOW or call the shelter at 518-434-8128.  We are open until 7:30pm
Eastern time today, and I'll be checking my email throughout the

Thank you,




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