I got the date wrong...It was Tuesday but that was Jan. 31, 2006...

He was a very special friend and I haven't been able to put his
passing in writing until now and it still was very hard....


Tad Burnett wrote:

Little OJ has gone to be with his best kitty friends Winky and Callie...
Those 3 seemed to be close friends when they arrived here from
Angel Wings and now they are all back together at the Rainbow Bridge..

Last Tuesday  (Feb. 2,2006) we took OJ to the vet... He cried when
we picked him up refused to take any food from his syringe...
The vet said his cancer on his kidney had grown huge suddenly and
he was in pain and it was time to let him go...

 It was so hard because he seemed to love life and everyone around
him so much...He sat on the table and watched the doc prepare his needle
with intense interest and he purred for the tech as she shaved his leg and
the needle was inserted...

 Little OJ was the kitty from the Angel Wings rescue that when they
1st examined him at the vets in Tenn. he just flopped on his side...
At 1st they thought he was too week to stand up but then they realized
it was because he was so happy to have human touch again...

 The 1st night he was here and I had him in the introduction cage in the
room with all my cats...When he saw me get in bed he cried and cried
and looked like he wanted to join me...He had seemed so friendly with
everyone that I gave in and opened the door and sure enough he made a
be line for the bed and he has been there right next to me every night

 The FeLV must have already destroyed most of his immune system when
he arrived here as he had to constantly be on antibiotics to keep URI
under control and at 1st he would sneeze blood and that was from
the URI had gotten into the hair bones in his nose... A strong antibiotic
did take care of that...

 Because of his chronic URI  he never had much appetite and we always
gave him special attention to get him to eat...
I know he missed Winky...He was only here for a few weeks...
Winky just went to sleep and didn't wake up...He was very anemic
and a bad heart... It was after that that OJ started loosing weight...
We gave him special food and he was doing better and then Callie
passed...It was right after that that he started peeing outside his box
and we had him tested but nothing showed except that his urine was
watery and we gave him something to make it a little more acid incase
he was getting crystals build up... He seemed better for a while and
put a little weight back on but then he started to eat less again but he took his A/D food without complaining from a syringe...With that it seemed like
he was getting but he was getting skinnyer and skinnyer and we knew it
was cancer taking him away....

I miss my supper friendly little orange kitty and I do hope I will get to be
with him again some day.....

Sleep well sweet OJ

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