Tad, so sorry to hear about Buffy.  I keep thinking aboutall those poor
little ones from Angel Wings and how so very lucky the 6 who found their way
to your home were...  Winky, Callie, OJ and now Buffy, had, in the last
months of their short lives, the love and care that they so deserved.  Just
giving them happiness for even a short time is a tribute to you and Marie.

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  Sadly my Buffy cat passed away early Sunday morning...
She is the 4th of the Angel Wings 6 FeLV+ to go way too soon...
She was always much closer to Marie than she was to me... I guess
she had not been treated well by men before coming to us..
She had always been the sickly one, not very strong and had more
times that we worried about her than the others but with meds she
had always bounced back but this last time it was not meant to be...
She went down right after we lost Callie and then after we lost
OJ just a couple weeks ago she started sleeping on my pillow
which was something new and that's where she was Sunday morning...
Usually when she would stop eating we would syringe a couple CC's
and then she would eat the rest on her own but her last feeding
Saturday night she was very uncomfortable swallowing and we sort
of knew her time was near....
We miss our sweet Buffy cat but we know that she is waiting for us
at The Rainbow Bridge with Winky and Callie and OJ
Sleep Well Sweet Buffy
Tad and Marie

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