The fact of the matter is they will get animals some where any way...
Now, most of them come from back yard breeders that breed animals
for just that market....
Perhaps if more shelters sold to research the animals that they are going to PTS
that would put some of the back yard breeders out of business....

If the business arraignment is to sell animals that have a chance for adoption
than I too have a problem with that but if these are animals among the 6 million
per year that are out of time and going to be PTS and the money is spent at the
shelter so that they can do more good work than what is wrong with that ???

And again, most research is done so the manufactures can back up their
claim the their product is the best...NOT that their product causes the most
suffering... They want the results to be a happy ending...
Not all tests are successful but for the most part they aren't going to waste
their time and money on a test that they aren't pretty sure will work...
Even if its testing for a cure for a disease and they infect they animal
and then try to cure it or put to sleep and examine you are still talking
about animals that were going to be PTS earlier anyway...


TenHouseCats wrote:
i do NOT admit to be totally up-to-date on this....
i have to agree that not ALL research is inherently bad. however, in this case, there's a BUSINESS arrangement between the shelter and one Class B Dealer--as far as i know, the shelter couldn't care less where the animals end up, they just sell them to the dealer.... there have all been any number of hearings, public demonstrations, etc through the years--the MI county that i am in was embarrassed out of selling their animals to a similar dealer a few years back.
i can most probably get updates on where the fight stands now, and who is doing what--i'm sorry to say that i have NOT kept on top of it because i can only fight so many fights at one time. but i do have local contacts with far more information and expertise than i do....

On 3/27/06, Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
PLEASE...Some specific eye witness examples that other can visit and
bring attention to the local
sheriff will do .....
What are they testing for ????
What treatment are they doing that is so bad
compared to being kept in a small cage with no
outside windows for years...(many no kill shelters)



> I hear what you're saying, but it's just not true.  There's more to
> research on animals than drawing blood occasionally.  Good grief.
> Gloria
> At 10:36 AM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
>> Why do people think research is synominus with torture...
>> >From Hollywood science fiction movies...
>> With the scrutiny that research places are under today
>> I guarantee you that most animals in a research place are much
>> happier than those in no kill shelters... Think for a minute about
>> Angel Wings Sanctuary...
>>   Every body yells about IAMS food because they do research...
>> But they have invited HSUS to do un announced visits....
>> I bet many private pet owners wouldn't pass as well as they do...
>> What is the alternative for these animals... PTS ???
>> Technically they are a non profit so they don't sell but except
>> and adoption fee.. Isn't that the same difference ???
>> And what is the research consist of ???
>> Drawing blood or tissue samples ???  Like we never do that
>> with our FeLV+'s...
>> I spent a good part of my life working in a research lab..
>> Not animals but computers... But to do good research
>> one needs to put the subject in a controlled environment...
>> Usually you want the test to work under normal good conditions..
>> Its the same with animals.. They are given a happy, no stress
>> environment so that factor won't cause problems and for
>> instance give them different food...
>> If I were given the choice of having to eat spinach or PTS
>> I would take the spinach...
>> If you can find some animals that are being tortured than
>> raise hell about that...
>> I say if they are adopting to a research with the same
>> questions or home visit that they do with a private home
>> than what is wrong with that... Maybe it would make more
>> sense that they do that...
>> Shelters have their limits... That's why millions of animals
>> have to be PTS every year just because there is no body to
>> give them a home... Keep the pressure on to enforce all people
>> that care for animals... Like the dogs chained to the back porch
>> 24/7 who gets some attention on nice days only....
>> Tad
>>> After getting frantic "pleas" for animals In Ingham County, Mi.
>>> several years ago, I learned "all about" this policy that many
>>> shelters in Michigan have regarding selling animals to research
>>> facilities........
>>> They claim they do it for revenue, to keep operating.  A "necessary
>>> evil".  That the cost of euthanasia/cremation would be too much of a
>>> financial burden.
>>> My opinion of that "lame" statement - Bull Sh*t!!!!
>>> Seriously, it's nothing more tha greed and ignorance and arrogance,
>>> that's all.
>>> I've worked with  many very poor rural shelters, many in the south.
>>> And, when I say "poor", these areas are so poor, it makes me feel
>>> like I am living in Beverly Hills.
>>> However, these rural, understaffed, overcrowded shelters DO NOT
>>> resort to selling animals for $$$$$
>>> AND - Guess why????
>>> Because it is NOT allowed in these states, along with many others.
>>> Yep, it's been considered "illegal" to sell pound seizures.
>>> Google, and you will see which states STILL allow this atrocity!!
>>> Mind-boggling!
>>> We don't need to use animals for research.... Egads, where is all
>>> this "new" testing technology???
>>> My point, it is still LEGAL in Michigan....(and other states).
>>> Something needs to be done on the legislative level to STOP THIS
>>> ATROCITY!!!!
>>> So, Michigan residents, FIGHT!!!  Speak your voice!  Write letters!
>>> Join AAVS or NAVS!!  Start a "grass roots" campaign......  NEVER SAY
>>> NEVER!!!
>>> This MUST stop!
>>> What a sad reflection of the society we live in.
>>> Makes me so very ashamed..........
>>> Patti
>>> []


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