Belinda,my thoughts and prayers are with you and Bailey

Belinda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi All,
Just got back from the vets. Xrays show something going on with the
intestines, they do not look right and are bunched up with the actual
loops really not disernable, also there is an enlarged lymph node around
his lung that wasn't there on the last xray. My vet suspects that he
now possibly has lymphoma.

He is having surgery tomorrow morning to open his tummy and see if there
is a tumor or diffused cancer and take biopsies of his intestines and
since she will have him open she will check the rest of his organs,
kidney's, bladder, spleen, liver which all look OK on xray. Obviously
with him being in the shape he has been in for the last 4 or so months,
there is a very real possibility he will not survive the surgery, please
pray that whatever happens he doesn't have any unnecessary pain and that
he doesn't suffer. I am going to spend the day with him and let him
know whatever choice he makes is fine with me and I will be OK ... I
hope he chooses to stick around for a while longer.

His tube looks OK, no white matter around it to show that there is any
leakage or that anything has been aspirated and his breathing is normal
again, so his intestines being bunched up would explain the food not
going through and him starting to throw it back up. It would also
explain why he is so uncomfortable when it is time to feed him, I
imagine the food just sitting in his tummy and be forced out by his next
meal can't feel very good. He does have a fever again and she gave me
some clinic care to see if that will go through and give him some
nutrients, his weight is good at 9lbs. 8oz. Well I'm going to go feed
him. Take care all.


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