I have never heard of ACE, but did have a friend who used Benadryl to transport a cat in the cabin of an airplane.  She had to give it pretty early before the flight, but the cat was apparently OK during the whole flight (2-3 hours).  Don't know the dose though, so I would check with your vet...

Hey folks,

I'm flying to Minneapolis on Saturday, a 2.5 hour flight from LIttle
Rock, and taking a sweet, energetic young Siamese kitty to his
owner. Kitty will ride in the cabin with me. I've never taken a
kitty on board with me before, so a new experience.

The vet gave me a sedative, ACE., and am pondering whether to use the
sedative or not. Someone said that another option would be Benadryl,
along with Rescue Remedy.

Any experiences with taking kitties on flights? With ACE? Think the
dosage was 1/2 tablet followed by 1/4 if needed.

Thanks much!


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