What is the difference between ImmunoRegulin and Interferon- I'm assuming they are not the same?  I am awaiting a consultation with a vet who does Interferon (I've learned a lot about Interferon from all of you- thanks!), but ImmunoRegulin is new to me...

wendy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Equistim is the same thing as ImmunoRegulin; Equistim
is the generic. If your vet can't get it, you can
order it online and have it shipped fast for about $50
including shipping (it might be less; I can't
remember). I ordered Cricket's through Revival Animal


--- cindy reasoner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> Please don't give up hope on Allie. Smokey's fevers
> got as high as 107. Ask your vet about the
> equistim.
> So far it really has helped Smokey to not get
> anymore
> fevers. I was having to take him to the vet every 2
> to 3 days for a fever. Now I just give him the
> equistim injections at home.
> Cindy
> --- Jennifer Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
> > Allie was back at the vet today with 105 fever-
> came
> > down to 102.5 with Metacam (kitty NSAID) and sq
> > fluids. I did get the vet to show me how to give
> > the sq fluids, so I can administer them now if she
> > stops eating and drinking and looks dehydrated, or
> > if her temp goes up (I've been monitoring her temp
> > daily). They were also thinking of giving me some
> > Metacam to administer at home, but decided to hold
> > off on that. This is her 3rd temp spike in 2
> weeks.
> > The vet was prepping me for the fact that at some
> > point Allie's body is not going to be able to
> > tolerate these temps anymore and is not going to
> > fight them off even with treatments because the
> > fevers are causing such a stress on her system.
> Of
> > course we don't know if that will be a week or a
> > month, but it looks like it may be sooner than I
> > thought. It's so hard because 2 days ago she was
> > totally back to herself- eating great, playing,
> and
> > she even sleep with us! I guess the calm before
> the
> > storm... Keep her in your
> > thoughts. I don't want her to suffer, but I'm
> not
> > ready to say good-bye yet either! I'm still
> hoping
> > she can beat these fevers, but that's not looking
> > realistic anymore and I don't want to torture
> her...
> >
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