That is a truly powerful and amazing story.  You should be proud that you played such a special role in Garfunkle's life!  He was blessed to have you love him so deeply.

Hideyo Yamamoto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Some of you might remember about my beloved Garfunkle who crossed the bridge in November which seems so hard to believe.. it seems like just yesterday…. I still miss and love him so very much.
My sister who lives in Japan is a sort of psychic (I hate the term, but it speaks to the point – she sees and feels things that no one might be able to…)  - since she is my sister, I know that it’s true.. she has done and said some amazing things that she wouldn’t have known otherwise in the past..
Anyway, she is planning to go to one of the most spiritual shrine in Japan this weekend for spiritual purifications and empowerment, and she had asked me to send her pictures of all of my animals (the ones still live and ones crossed) so that their soul/life can be further purified.
Anyway,,,, she got the pictures in the mail…when she looked at all the pictures, she told me that she saw something very powerful on the Garfukle’s picture… he said that he was human in his previous life and something bad happened, and he could no longer trust human in his previous life and passed away, that’s why he was sent back as a cat so that he would meet someone whom he will be able to trust again.. that was his life that we had together… we bonded so strong and I love him so much and he loves me so much.. he no longer did not have a doubt in trusting human again (according to my sister) when he accomplished his mission, he was supposed to cross the bridge rather with a short life so that now he can have another journey - now he will be able to trust human again in his next life.. and my sister told me that that’s why he left this so soon as he had a very specific assignment given to him for this life (I and Garfunkle spent only three years together) and he is one of the friendliest feral kitties that I have met from the very beginning I met him.. he was and is and will be so special to me... and miss him so terribly still…
She told me that a soul even after crossing the bridge can travel so far and so quickly and she told me that he is always right there with me.. so not to be feeling too lonely..
I just wanted to share my Garfunkle story with everyone…. And am crying again missing my special boy…

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