I will be thinking of all your sweet babies, especially Demetri.  I know just how you feel since I just lost Allie to the fight with FELV and FIV.  The combo of these diseases is so stressful to our little ones and it is so heartbreaking to see them every time they get sick.  I am hoping Demetri is soon feeling better.

Sherry DeHaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Yes it's me again,needing prayers for my sweet Demetri AGAIN! I don't know how bad he is but he is at the clinic again.I believe he has the bad snoogies again,which hits him hard.He has felv and fiv.I will worry about him all weekend .I am going out of town till Monday camping and stopped in to see my babies and he was not there.I was about in tears,cause evertime he gets sick I am so worried.I give him all the love I can cause I know these diseases will take him way before his time. It is going to tear me to pieces when he loses his battle.So I am just asking for some of your wonderful prayers for him.Please forgive me for all the asking for prayers so much,but I believe they help.THank you so much

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