What an amazing and inspirational picture!  How wonderful to have had an opportunity to share that with Bailey (and to have a copy to cherish!)  My husband saw it on the computer when I was looking at it and not knowing the story thought that it was beautiful.  Of course, knowing the story makes it even more beautiful and powerful!

Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
OMG! Isn't that amazing?! How wonderful that you were able to get the
photo. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It does look like the
dog is looking up at Bailey. That's what I meant by wondering how many
other lives Bailey touched with his "visit". So cool. Ya gotta love
that Bailey Boy!

Belinda wrote:

> Sent this to the list but it had to be approved because of the size
> so I just went ahead and put it online. Here is the link, I still get
> chills looking at it:
> http://bemikitties.com/BeachPhotoBailey.jpg
> >>>>
> Not sure if this will come through if not I'll post it on the
> internet, it is the photo I saw on TV that was my sign from Bailey. I
> inserted the photo of him that it looks like for comparison. If you
> look just at his face, you'll see what I mean, the two eyes, the white
> spot on the right side of his face, under his eye ... <<<<
> PS. I wrote and thanked the person who took it for sending it to me.

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