Hi Sally,
From what I am reading you don't need to make any decisions about putting Junior to sleep right this minute; is that correct?  He has an upper respiratory infection that is being treated, and is he otherwise okay (other than being FeLV+), right?  Why does the vet want to put him to sleep tomorrow?
You've got a lot on your plate right now, and I can understand why you are emotionally drained.  If Junior is basically alright despite the URI, why not just keep him separate for awhile from Tiny (like you are already doing) and then make decisions as needed.  It's too much to ask yourself to make decisions about all your kitties at one time.  You need to process this.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Sally.

Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Everyday that goes by I am more confused. Junior went to the vet today. She
treated him for the upper respiratory infection. I though all was good with
the world. I called her this evening to let her know how junior was doing.
I do think he is still running a temp, but I did not want to upset him
anymore. She was preparing me to put him down maybe as soon as tomorrow. I
know at least for this moment he is not ready to cross that bridge. I have
separated him and Tiny. The other cats are still locked outside the
bedrooms. And mostly stay outside for their own safety. I know this group
is for the cats, but I am mentally, emotionally,and physically drained.I
had reactive hypoglycemia this morning.

I have ordered immuno-regulan on Kelly's advice. I now will have to talk
the vet into giving it. I printed out the protocol for administering it.

Does anyone out there know of vets in the Richmond VA area who may be
willing to work with me. My usual vets office is extremely busy.

I am too tired to think.


PS My server would not send this message last night.

Junior seems better this morning. I don't believe he has a fever. I will
not put him through that ordeal unless I think there is a problem. Junior
and Tiny don;t like each other. They don't fight, but they do growl a lot
at each other. For now I will keep them separate. The stress may have benn
what precipitated this most recent cold.

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