Can you put Little Black's food in a plastic box or somewhere where the others can't get to him/it?

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HI everyone

I think My server is sending mail again. All those emails were qued (sp) up and sent them at one sorry for the duplicates.

Junior is still doing fine since his vet visit. He is asserting his self over Tiny. I try to separate them but this is a very small house and i hate keeping them totally couped up, because I am sure they think they are being punished.

Tiny ran outside today. He loves the outdoors and could survive outside on his own if something happened to me. I did manage to catch him as he still is lovey-dovey to me. I tend to be a bit scattered and probably ADD. I forgot he was not in the bedroom when I opened the door to feed the other cats. I have l not seen Little Black for several days. She is semi wild and the other cats pick on her. Read, won't let her eat.

I ordered the immuno-regulin and have not yet received it but I know I will have questions. Thanks for all the help. Junior did not survive getting hit by a car just to have this get him.

I have not read emails this morning. I hope Leslie got her other cat back by now. I lost a cat two years ago and much as I searched and asked around never found him..he was such a funny cat. I still miss him.


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