I think you need to find another vet that is willing
to try different things for Junior.  Why does he want
you to have him put to sleep?  I wouldn't go back to
that vet.  I had to change vets with Smokey and so far
it has been the best decision.  This new vet is
willing to try different medicines and listens to me
when I tell her what people on this list are trying on
their babies.  If your Junior is feeling better I just
don't understand.  You and Junior are in my prayers.

Cindy Reasoner

--- Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Michelle

It, immuno-regulin,  came in the mail today. Problem
is the vet who sawJunior, thinks it is time to put him
down. He is much better today. Hestill has the
sniffles. I need to find someone to do theinjections. 
I just searched the archives about doing
subcutaneousinjections. I could probably do these, but
I did not order any needles. Iwill try to stop by the
other vets office tomorrow to see what they cando.
They are just so busy that their appointment schedule
is booked 6weeks ahead. However they did do the
emergency testing of the 9 catsafter Junior tested
positive. Funny thing is I think this post was
madetoday. How timely for me.

Junior is so sweet. Today he is playful. He has some
more living todo.


At 05:49 PM 10/19/2006 -0400, you wrote:

I justread this post. Definitely try Immuno-Regulin.
In a message dated 10/16/2006 8:29:21 A.M. Eastern
Daylight Time,[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
   Hi everyone

   This is a great group. I am waiting until I can see
the vet thismorning. 
   Junior who tested positive  for Felv 10/6/06 is now
running afever of 
   106.7. I am scared and I feel so helpless.
     I lost one cat less than two weeks ago. He
crashed at thevet's office. 
   He was never tested but I am sure this virus had
something to do withit. 
   My Nerves are shot. Please pray for junior. I do
not know how the vetis 
   with treating these FeLV cats. I was planning on
seeing my usual vetbut 
   they weren't sure how soon they could see junior. I
did not sleepwell last 
   night. as I knew he wasn't feeling well.

   I will let you know tonight. 

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