Mr. Kitten has not received any vaccines since being diagnosed.  He  did 
receive a Prednisone shot that was administered in his neck, but I don't  know 
that is the normal spot for that injection or not.  I live in a  smaller town 
so it's hard to find a wide range of vets, expecially ones that are  
interested in handling Felv+ cats, but I'm working on it.
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Welcome to the list! Mr. Kitten sounds  like he has a good mom. I think many 
vets just refuse to learn new things.  Just out of curiosity, has the vet that 
told you to euthanise Mr. Kitten ever  given him any vaccines? If so, can you 
tell me where he gave them (neck,  scruff, side, leg)? I ask because if he's 
still giving vaccines in the scruff  of the neck, he's obviously just someone 
who refuses to embrace new technology  and studies and is just a bad vet for 
not continuing to work on his  education. The most important thing is to feed 
the very best quality food you  can afford, like Wellness, Innova, Chicken 
Soup, or other super-premium  brands. Cat food should never contain corn or 
ingredients. After that,  then you start adding general immune boosting 
supplements (same as you  would  take to boost YOUR immune system) like Vitamin 
Lysine, B  Complex Vitamins, etc. Then you consider adding a FELV specific 
treatment,  like Interferon, Acemannan, or Immunoregulin. Lots of it is just 
good nutrition, and I don't think any vet could argue with adding extra 
immune  boosting vitamins and minerals to an animal's diet!



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