I've used TF in the past. I'm not sure if it helps, some folks swear by it. From the research I did on it, it can't hurt to try it. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. What's this about his ears? Are they irritated from transdermal meds? I've used a tiny touch of antibiotic ointment on red and inflamed ears, (not in the ear canal), before with good success. Please keep us informed, I hope he regains his appetite soon,

Sally Davis wrote:
I am taking Junior to the Vet tomorrow. His right eye still has glaucoma, you can see it bulge and the cataract that is forming. He did not eat well today. Just in case the vet is agreeable how do I get her to write the prescription for alferon(Kelly)? Also I looked in the Archives and I am not sure it answered my question, but for any of you who have used Transfer Factor, do you think it helps? He still has the thick ears which are very red. I will ask about that as well. Thanks for you help. Sally Davis -- Junior needs your help with his care fighting Feline Leukemia. Our story www.geocities.com/dmyllas/sally_page.html <http://www.geocities.com/dmyllas/sally_page.html>
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