Rubbermaid also makes high sided boxes with an entryway in one of the short 
sides.  The ones I have have 11" sides (on the 3 sides) and I've seen Bandit 
actually standing up and tinkling against the side, so it's definitely high 
enough - and he can be a vigorous digger too.  I got them at petsmart and I 
think I got some $ off with my pet perks card....  can't remember for sure now.

Here's a link to the model I have:)

Barb+Smoky the House Puma+El Bandito Malito

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life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile." 
- Anonymous

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Try placing a new litter box near the old one (leave it).  I like the 
Rubbermaid 18 gallon boxes instead of the regular litter boxes--they give 
the cat more room to scratch and are high enough backed that, if the cat 
can't get down, urine isn't sprayed out.  You can cut a "door" out on the 
short side if you think the box is too high for the cat to jump in and out 
of.  Fill it with the litter he likes.  Now is no time to change litter or 
put a fragranced one in.  If he is associating the litter box with pain, and 
I have had that happen a number of times, a new one should help.

Also spray Feliway everyplace he has gone inappropriately.

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> In a way, this is almost funny, and I hate to interject it between all
> the terribly serious things that are happening with other's cats and
> the desperate measures some are going to try and save their babies. My
> heart goes out to you, Paolo and Michelle in particular.
> Our ~12 y.o. FIV+ male, Otis, has begun defecating in various places
> around the house. The first incidence happened probably a month ago,
> when he was locked in the bedroom with no litter box for about 1/2 an
> hour (feeding time). He used the closet. We said "stupid us" and made
> sure never to do that again. A few days later, he went in the closet
> again. The doors were all open and he was never locked in.
> A month later, we found it in the bathroom, on the bathmat. Next, we
> found urine on the bathmat. The next day, he went right on the tile in
> the corner of the bathroom. Today, I *knew* he was going to do it, went
> in there and caught him, put him in the litterbox. He vaulted out of
> there like a teenager and headed right back to the bathroom. When he
> squatted, I picked him up, and, well, he did it anyway.
> My partner is a vet tech, and I held him while she expressed his anal
> glands today. One had a lot of relatively hard matter in it; the other
> seemed pretty normal. We were hoping that was the reason for his
> behavior. Lo, he went in the bathtub while we were out at the gym this
> evening -- just a small bit, but there it was.
> Did he develop a litterbox aversion because the anal gland was
> bothering him and just hasn't figured out that it will not hurt to use
> the litterbox? Or ... what on earth is going on? On the tile and in
> the bathtub are two of the least destructive choices he could make but
> naturally we want him in the litterbox!
> Lynette  =^..^=
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> the way in which its animals are treated." --Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948

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