Well I am at work and Midnight is with me.  They said that he may have a uti 
and gave me anti-biotics.  The dr was concerned enough to run a blood panel.  
He said that I need to bring him back in 1 week for another urinalysis to make 
sure that is was a uti and not the beginning of kidney failure.  I think this 
was due to the number of white blood cells.  They also did not vaccinate him.  
The receptionist had told me that all cats are required to have rabies and 
distemper to be in the clinic.  The dr. say he was FeLV + and said no vaccies.  
YEAH.  I will update any more that I think of when I get home!  Thanks for the 
Jennifer and Midnight

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>Probably a mind urinary tract infection... but they should probably send him 
>with antibiotics from his neuter anyways, so that will take care of both 
>things! Do
>insist on the antibiotics... for a FELV+ cat, you really can't be too safe.
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