Apropos to what I just wrote is an email I got from my old chiropractor, a  
healer, who I asked the same question of.  
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Hi MIchelle,

I am so sorry to hear about your sadness.

The question you are asking, I am afraid, isn't an easy one to answer.  I will 
do my best.  I think sometimes the most heroic thing we can do for one another 
is to allow suffering.  Knowing that suffering is a sacred process is 
important.  Often, we want to end OUR suffering at another's suffering.  That 
seems unfair.  Perhaps their soul is meant to have this struggle and the 
kindest thing we can do is to be there, listen, love, share.  Trying to fix it 
or change it or stop it only robs the soul of an opportunity to evolve.

Another thought about dying is that it is very similiar to midwifery.  You are 
helping someone to transition.  The energy can be very similiar.  By trying to 
manage, control, anesthetize the being, you are robbing them of an incredibly 
powerful moment.  

On the other hand, (I am a libra and torment myself by understanding all 
sides)I also believe that pain medication is there for a reason and that it can 
sometimes create more peace for all parties to transition and evolve.  It can 
create a less violent experience.

Ultimately,  I do not think that there are any easy answers.  I think I will 
include you and Gray in my circle of prayers so that you will all have the 
strength, the courage and inner connection to listen deeply to what is calling 
you in the moment...thinking beyond simple right and wrong...no pun intended 
but being willing to live in the GRAY/GREY area with an open heart and soul.

With much love and sympathy,


and a thing that >From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Date: 2007/02/04 Sun AM 08:48:00 CST
>Subject: Re: from Michelle Lerner

>Hi. I had been trying to email you a week or so ago because I sent an email to 
>all my friend who I think might pray, asking them to pray for my cat Lucy.  I 
>had heard that lots of people praying, for one reason or another, sometimes 
>helps. She seems to have wet FIP. I don't know if you know what that is, but 
>it is an incurable, fast-moving disease. She is extremely anemic, lethargic, 
>and her belly and sides are full of fluid so she looks like a huge sack of 
>jelly. Right now I am just trying to make her comfortable, giving her lots of 
>steroids and syringe feeding her once a day to make sure she does not feel 
>sick from not eating enough. She eats on her own, just not very much. She 
>purrs when we pet her, and seems to want us with her.  And last night she 
>somehow got herself to the top of a 6 foot tall cat tree, which is hard to 
>imagine because she is not even walking very well.  I think she mostly feels 
>bad from the anemia-- her gums are white. She has been on epogen to stimulate 
>red blood cell production for almost two weeks, but it normally takes 3 to 
>kick in. Do you or have you or would you euthanize an animal? Gray is against 
>it, and I generally have only done it when they are actually in the process of 
>dying, i.e. their bodies have shut down and they are in rspiratory distress or 
>obvious pain.  Except my horse Shire, who was in neither but his whole back 
>end was paralyzed and horses can not live laying down because they crush their 
>own organs and their guts get tied up. Anyway, part of me feels like I should 
>have the vet euthanize Lucy tomorrow, because she is so sick. But I don't know 
>if I would be thinking that if her body did not look so incredibly distorted-- 
>it is what makes her look sickest-- and her distorted body is not, I don't 
>think, what is bothering her. I think it is her anemia. And I think that 
>mostly makes her very very tired, which the steroids help with a little bit. 
>She is not hiding, and purrs when we pet her. I don't really know what to do. 
>I am curious what your feelings are on all of this, if you have time to tell 
>me. thanks, and I hope that you are well, more well than we are right 
>now,Michelle In a message dated 2/4/2007 9:32:57 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 
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>How are you?

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