I for one am always happy when I see you've posted something.  Your presence 
here is .... simply, right.

Barb+Smoky the House Puma+El Bandito Malito

"My cat the clown:  paying no mind to whom he should impress.  Merely living 
his life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile." 
               - Anonymous

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Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 3:27:10 AM
Subject: Re: ovaban and other stuff....Nina


Dear Nina,

I've been thinking much about you also..... (And now w/ my vision going so 
bad, unless I put you on speed-dial...well.  And, my 
"mobility" is also going to he!!, so it's almost impossible for me to answer 
phone..... And, that portable phone my room mate got me, well, it has TOO many 
"things" and I have a great record of disconnecting incoming calls......  I 
give up! Think positive - great idea, but hard to do when 
you're steadily going [further] down- hill.....

After reading your post, I remembered how the vet visit went w/ Bart....... 
(I also have a great vet, compassionate but MILES away....He does give me 
Rescue Rates - thank heaven)..  When I sadly had Bart PTS he asked me "what 
did I want to do w/ his remains.....I jokingly said I'd put him 
in freezer w/ Fred, my [very LARGE] goldfish....We have 
been in such a deep-freeze, snow, sleet...I don't think ground will thaw 
'til June!!!!  So, I did have him cremated,,,,  That fee was larger 
than I expected......But, as always, the critters come first.

I didn't now how Bart would react - strange place, strange 
people......  And he was in so much pain..  But I did explain to him 
"why" I was doing this, promised him he would be taken care of [NOT what I 
wanted, but I've promised all my critters I'd never let them suffer]. He was so 
amazing though.  He did growl, hiss - but only once. I just stroked him, 
"explained" to him what was going on, and he even let me kiss him!!!!  I 
really believe he knew I was doing the best [only] option.  When the vet 
gave him the sedative prior to the euthanol, well, he looked at me w/ those 
beautiful eyes - I think "telling" me, "It's ok Mom & thank you".

And, for Charity's appt., I do have a carrier that has the metal thing 
on top that you can just open, and that will probably be much less "stressful" 
for both her & me.

I'm just concerned about "how" we can draw blood...... She was negative 
when I had her spayed, but she's been out the last 2 years,  And, Bart, 
[NEVER tested], was old, "intact" & had all the textbook symptoms of 
wet FIP........(He was so full of fluids...)  Poor 'ole boy. A lousy 
life.  Is it any wonder I prefer critters over people?  And believe 
me, doing Rescue for so long, the things I saw, the 
idiots I encountered........Grrrr......  I could 
go on & on.  Especially since I just watched Animal Cops 
(Heroes).  Ughh......

I'll let you all know how it goes w/ Charity.  I do talk to her every 
day, try to "explain" what we're [trying] to accomplish..... And, yes, she does 
trust me so hopefully it will be smooth sailing w/ excellent results....

And, I do use Feliway & RR.  And w/ the Feliway, it's so wonderful 
- stroking this former feral girl.  I actually thinks she actually enjoys 
the touching.......I still can't believe the turn-a-round......Makes me cry, 
tears of joy. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!  This girl had me in ER so many 

Oh, I am rambling again, sorry, but I have gotten so much love & 
support from this group, And, it really helps me, emotionally.  I really 
need that, especially now.

So, thank you Nina and everyone for all your support.  You'll never 
know how much it means to me,,,,,

Oh, look at the time.... (Takes me forever to write).

The insomniac is going to attempt to get some rest.  Hopefully 


Much love, hugs & thanks,

Patti & her gang


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