VERY encouraging -- thanks for the update!  Prayers still going up for you
and Junior.


On 3/19/07, Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Everyone

I called the vet today regarding the needle aspiration of the lymph nodes.
She is confident that it is not Lymphoma.

He has fatty tissue and nutrophils indicating inflammation from infection.
The Baytril will help with the infection. She gave him a months supply. I
reordered his Transfer Factor Plus. I think that has helped keep him stable.

I must say Junior is quite the fighter. His lymph node behind his ear has
been swollen for a while. The swelling would usually go down at night. He
seems to has less sight than before. Most of the swelling is on the side of
the good eye. I am hoping his lack of sight is temporary.

The Matacam, she would only give twice a week and would be given to
further reduce inflammation and pain. She wants to give the Baytril time to
work before possibly using the Metacam.

I feel better that Junior has seen Dr Staunton.

Thanks for all your prayers and help. The Fight goes on….

Sally Davis

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