I am catching up on posts.  How is Junior's right eye


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> Hi everyone,
> Just a brief update on Junior. His Right eye still
> looks like it is budging
> with a definite cataract. He does not appear to have
> discomfort from it
> though. He is still getting the Trusopt for Glaucoma
> and the chloramphenicol
> antibiotic ointment in both eyes. I also have been
> giving him lysine 500mg
> and have added Transfer Factor Plus to his
> supplements. He gets Pet Tabs
> plus iron as well . He is eating better and has put
> on a little bit of
> weight. He is exploring the house. I am guessing
> because his vision is not
> as good as it used to be. The left eye remains
> dilated and the pupil is
> misshaped. It does look better to me although. I may
> be getting used to it
> that way. He ears are thick and red again. It
> doesn'r seem to bother him I
> will keep and eye on them.
> This has been a very reactive disease. It does not
> allow you to be
> proactive. I am hoping while he is better the
> Transfer Factor will help his
> immune system. I am still considering removing the
> right eye, but I want him
> at his best before surgery. Any idea how long after
> I use the Transfer
> Factor I should wait.
> Daisy is in heat and driving me crazy. I could not
> get her an appointment
> until 2/27/07.
> I just want to thank everyone for their help. I
> still have not gotten
> anywhere with my vet for interferon. He decided to
> do the steriods. I think
> the shot gave Junior a boost but I still want to
> give the interferon a shot.
> I am hoping the Transfer Factor will keep him
> stable.
> Thanks,
> Sally Davis
> -- 
> Junior needs your help with his care fighting Feline
> Leukemia. Our story
> please help us if you can

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