> Sorry for getting their names confused.  (No offense
> Stitch!).  My brain 
> doesn't seem to be working that great at the moment.
>  Just for 
> clarification, Zoro never tested pos for felv?

Correct. It is possible that he had it, but he was
never tested for it (while he was in my care), nor was
I given any indication from his original owners that
it was a possibility - they had another cat from the
same litter who was still alive and healthy when Zoro
died (at around 13). They also had another unrelated

> We don't have a FAQ section, but if you put in a key
> word in the search 
> box you should come up with lots of results.  Is
> there something 
> specific that you are wondering about?

Not yet, but I thought I'd start there. :)



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