> Welcome to the group.  I'm really sorry to hear
> about
> Chewie and that Stitch has also tested positive for
> FeLV.

Thanks. :)

The best thing you can do for Stitch is to
> educate yourself on this virus. 

That's why I'm here. :)

> If Stitch is asymptomatic, there's not much else you
> can do, other than considering supplements for her
> immune system, like L-lysine (without propynol
> glycol)
> or Mega C.  And keep us bookmarked because this is
> the
> place to be for FeLV info.  Bless you for not pts
> this
> kitty and for taking such good care of her.

Thanks. I couldn't see putting her to sleep now -
she's still young, healthy and active. I've never
understood people who can do that so easily...  
Chewie was very obviously sick and was getting worse
rapidly so I think I made the right decision, but I'd
like to put that off for Stitch as long as possible.

> Take care and keep us posted on Stitch!

Will do!



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