OK. I missed the address of the firefighter. Can I get you to repost the name and address?


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Yes, he had tried to open as many cages as he could.
All the cats,and puppies were in that area.  He had 2
puppies in his arms when the roof came down. They said
he was "the last man out"  I am still waiting to find
out about Scooter, but probably won't know until Fri.

Take care,
--- Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Thank you so much for posting Scott's address.  I
can't remember if it
was this list that I heard this, but someone said
that this man had gone
back into the fire to open cages and smash windows
to give the cats a
chance to escape.  That's when he was injured.
Bless him, bless him.  I
woke up this morning teary eyed thinking about his
bravery.  We should
all send him our thanks and good wishes!

dede hicken wrote:
> Hey everyone, someone asked for the info on the
> firefighter who was burned in the Jax HS fire.
> name is Capt. Scott Dennis  Firestation 50 12701
> Blvd.  Jacksonville, Fl. 32216.  I am not certain
> the zip.  It is the same one fas for the Humane
> so i think it is correct.
> I will be signing off tonight as I have to pack
> computer.  I will be back online as soon as we are
> settled.  Keep us in your thoughts on April
> as we will be on the road and in NY by then.
> God bless,
> Dede
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"When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God"
                  Mosiah 2:17

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