Thanks Joe! Vermont is quite a distance from Nebraska! But, of course keep
us in mind if you know of any compassionate people would like and FeLV baby.
A vacation with a purpose would be nice. However, I'm sure there are plenty
of cats in need out East! And, luckily, Cassidy has been accepted to Best
Friends in Utah (a little closer), if I don't find him a home before then.
Best, Melissa

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> I don't know where you live, but Cassidy is the most
> beautiful, friendly,
> loving cat! He's probably less than one year old, or
> around there. Here's
> his picture:

He's gorgeous. I'm up in Vermont but am not really in
a position to take in other cats at the moment, mostly
because of Stitch's particular personality issues. :)
If I think of or find anyone who is, though, or if my
situation changes, I'll keep you in mind.

> Best of luck with your new quest on educating
> yourself on FeLV. There's so
> much to learn as I've found out this past week! But,
> the people here are so
> helpful and understanding-I'm so glad you've found
> this resource as well!



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