Hi folks, 
I'm new to this site and do need to get some
information on feline leukemia. This is in regard to a
16-week old kitten that apparently became infected
through her mother. My kitten has tested FeLV+ and
another sibling has as well, also the mother. My vet
told me the other day she believes in testing every
60- days in hopes the kitten might be able to
eventually fight the virus off and test negative. Does
anyone have any information for me on this subject? I
am in the western section of Nebraska...Thank you,
Glenda Larsen
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> This was a long time ago so maybe the disease wasn't
> as strong then, who knows. Stripes died in 1989 and
> Squeaky in 1996....
> My vet was so laid back about it ~ I think that
> helped. Stripes on and off illness was frustrating
> but you'd never have know Squeak had anything. The
> vet did say Squeaky's must have been in his blood
> marrow and called him a "carrier".
> L
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>   Wow, that's impressive!
>   Long, happy lives, it sounds like.........
>   You must have / are doing something right.
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>     I adopted 2 boys, age 8 and 9, who had lived
> together since the younger one had been adopted as a
> kitten.  Stripes kept getting sick on and off so we
> had them tested (my vet had been vaccinating them
> each year and Squeaky would be sick for 3 days after
> his vaccination). They both tested positive. Stripes
> lived to 16 years old and Squeaky to 22. Squeaky
> didn't have a sick day in his life until his last 3
> weeks (oral cancer). Stripes continued to be sick on
> and off but was mostly healthy.
>     and now we have Isabella....
>     Laurie

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