Thanks for the info Laurie! If it turns out to be IBD, I'll be glad to know
there's a group to turn to. 


Yes, making food seems daunting since I have a difficult enough time doing
it for me and my husband (not because I don't like to, just busy). The
winter is always less hectic, so I plan to start making kitty food then. 





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Hi. Check out the yahoo IBD group. Great info there. 

It's possibly a food allergy. You might try the canned foods suggested at if making home made feels overwhelming.

Depending on size of stool and frequency, the vet should be able to
determine if upper or lower intestine and treat accordingly. 

It sounds like your vet has a good plan.



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For her diarrhea, the old vet used Metrondiazole and Albon. No parasites
were found.  The new vet tried new food (Science Diet ID) along with
Clavomox. She also dewormed her again just in case. Ashley has gained 2
pounds in the last two weeks since the visit with the new vet, but her poops
are the same. Possibly the dewormer helped.


I just got off the phone with the vet, and she suggested that we put her
back on her regular food that she's used to for 2 weeks. No meds. Then I'll
have a stool sample sent to a lab for further testing (once all the meds are
out of her system). Then we'll see what could be in her. If that doesn't
work, the vet said we might have to do a scope. We'll see. Time will tell.


I guess this is really not the time to try to find a home for her. I'm
probably the best one to keep her since I know what's going on, what's been
done, etc.


Maybe I could just find a home for Nonie (healthy) to alleviate the stress.





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Also, what has been tried?

Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

I saw a nice list the other day, but can't remember where - will have to
look.  Never heard of FORLs, what's that?   Have you tried any of the
recipes in Dr. Pitcairn's book for her? 






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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone knew of sanctuaries that will take special needs
kitties. My poor Ashley (foster kitty) still has diarrhea, and they suspect
she has feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORLs). I want to find a
good home for her, but right now I'm not able to find anyone around here
who'll take on a special needs kitty. I just want her to get as much
attention as she deserves.


She's not FeLV (tested twice), and she seems healthy otherwise.


I don't mind taking care of her, but we have 5 kitties in the house (2 that
need homes), and now we're expecting (me, not any kitties). I'm not sure how
we'll all fit into the house down the road. There's constant wrestling and
fighting all night long (play fighting), and I just need to alleviate a
little stress. I love our two foster babies, but I know we can't handle 5
forever (financially or emotionally) until we have a bigger home and more $!






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