Wendy, Thanks...
I , for one, can get a little wound up when it comes
to speaking up for animals and I really do not mean to
get off track. I do not think it hurts us at all to
take a little breather, from time to time, and open up
other subjects, because in a round about way, we can
see the benefit to cats in general...while actively
helping all animals...
This whole Vick thing , being an example...not to
mention a few people here might just blossoming from a
sad/dorment period and re-directing their beautiful
energy. I could be doing that myself? We all need to
stay healthy and happy in order to help more
cats...kind of a little joke, but probably true?   For
being here such a short time, I feel I have learned a
lot about FeLV.
 I so want to thank everyone who got back to me with
the best information they had to give me regarding my
FeLV+ little Gracie.The personal experiences gave me
some hope, the actual web-sites informed and educated
me...Thank you Wendy and everyone for making me feel
welcome. I hope I can be a good support and source of
information to some of you and perhaps some new people
that happen along. I certainly will recognize that
awful feeling of complete dispair when someone just
finds us after being told by their that vet that their
cat tested FeLV+.
The day that happened to me I came home, went to my
computer...It was about 10:00am. Well somewhere in
there I called my best girlfriend and told her...I
remember saying I felt so sad I wish I could get hit
by a truck. Well, I recalled that off-the -wall
comment I had made earlier in the day to my friend. By
10:00pm that night my head hurt so bad I thought to
myself that I feel like I have been hit by a truck! I
cosed up the computer , took a hot shower , ate and
went to bed. I felt tired for two days after that...
That was a killer day... 
 Well, now that I have personally gone through that,
I'm good to go for any who wander on to this site
having gone through what I went through that miserable
day. Meanwhile, I am here to keep picking up
information,tips and seriously just enjoying all the
nice people here. It is not easy finding so many very
nice people in one place...In my life, I have noticed,
when ever I have gotten in the company of
animal-lovers I am my happiest...Thanks guys! Glenda  

--- wendy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I just wanted to stress that even though our site
> seems to be going through some changes, mainly
> losing members that have been around for a while,
> our site is extremely important.  There will always
> be a need for people to be educated on FeLV.  When
> new members do not come along, I believe keeping our
> site alive with photos, anecdotes, and other
> interesting things like activism against Mr. Vick is
> important.  We will not always be busy helping new
> members, which is a good thing, but keeping our site
> active keeps our camraderie going.  I don't want to
> see that stagnate.  We lost Elizabeth last week.  I
> didn't even know it until she emailed me last night.
>  She is such a sweet lady and so encouraging, I hate
> to see her go.  But like others, she's got some
> personal stuff she's dealing with, and she can't
> take the extra time right now to be here, which I
> completely understand.  I'm hoping members like her,
> Nina, MC, and Michelle will return when they are
> able.  They are so
>  valuable.  There will always be people who come and
> go, and sometimes we'll even have a few issues come
> up, as we recently did, but we can get through them,
> and maintain our site for the betterment of cat
> health.  I think what we're doing is more important
> than many of us realize, so hang in there if you can
> when times get rough, and if you can't, don't forget
> to come back and visit when you can.  Because of our
> differing personalities, everyone has something to
> offer, and I think that's a beautiful thing.
> :)
> Wendy
> "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
> committed citizens can change the world - indeed it
> is the only thing that ever has!" ~~~ Margaret Meade
> ~~~
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