Since I do have much to learn about treating my FeLv+
kitten I am open to all suggestions and ideas and
advice from you guys who have been dealing with these
issues a long time...
>From the start, I have been told Lysine was a good
supplement. I first heard of giving lysine from a
receptionist at my vet's office when I told her I had
a couple new kittens that were sneezing , like about
every 15-minutes, but had no other signs of sickness.
I thought it might just be dust. Well, she said, give
them 250 mg of lysine twice a day. OK, so I went to
Walmart and got a large bottle of 250 tablets of 500
mg lysine. The label says L-Lysine 500 mg. Am I on
track here? Is this what I can give my cats? 
Well, my little guys really are fine, the sneezing was
probably dust, so that is not what I am using the
lysine for. What I feel I should use it for is my
quarantined FeLV+ kitten ,Gracie. I have read many
times, by you guys, on this list, lysine is a good
supplement to give our FeLV+ cats.
I crushed and dissolved a large 500 mg tablet in a few
tablespoons of water and poured this mixture over a
large, crushed sardine and put it in front of
Gracie...She ate the whole thing, fast! She loved it! 
Now, on the subject of Treats:
For a while now, I had been giving my cats sardines
for treats. You can get these packed in spring
water,no salt added, from walmart. They are only .50 a
can. It is a rectangular, flat can...I think it is a
great deal. The entire can of sardines supplies 18
grams of protein, which is good for our FeLv + kitties
I have always given my cats tuna, packed in water as a
treat, but there is just too much mercury in tuna
these days. I always feel guilty and worried about
giving them tuna. The problem is my cats do have me
trained and they often lead me to the kitchen and just
demand their tuna. I will open a can ,but just give
them a small pinch, as compared to how I used to
indulge them. I'm trying to switch them over to liking
the sardines, because it hardly has any mercury, being
low on the food chain...However, with kittens and
cats, who have NOT been spoiled by tuna, they
automatically just love sardines! Gracie, who is
almost 5-months old now and my two 3-month old kittens
are crazy for sardines! These guys had never beed
exposed to tuna... my four older cats who have
developed this taste for tuna are kind of trying to
hold out and acting disgusted when they see sardines
on their plate instead of tuna...Do not worry I do
feed a good quality dry food, these are just treats,
but they get treated once or twice a day...
I wanted to share all this with you guys and I need to
get some input from you guys about if 500mg of lysine
is what I should give Gracie, My FeLV+ kitty every
day? The sardine trick with her makes it very easy. I
can get the whole tablet down her at once if I need
to, but maybe 250mg, twice a day, is better? 
I, also, would like some feedback on if it is a good
idea, to give all my kitties at least 250mg of lysine
a day, just for their immune systems? 
Thank you! Glenda

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